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Interview with the President of Niger, Mr. BAZOUM, concerning the Termit and Tin-Toumma Reserve

A haven of biodiversity in the heart of Niger

Parcs de Noé interviewed on Radio Pala (CHAD) about the future Zah Soo National Park – 13/08/21 1

Ministerial visit to the Termit and Tin-Toumma Reserve HQ in Niger

Conkouati-Douli National Park in Congo: Where the rainforest meets the ocean

CHAD: The 3rd population of elephants safe in Binder

A newborn baby elephant appeared in one of our trap cameras, in Conkouati (Congo)

Hope reborn with a newborn addax in Niger

A partnership for the management of the jewel of the Congo’s biodiversity, the Conkouati-Douli National Park

Setting up a mobile unit in Chad

Movements of 4 elephants with collars in October in the Zah Soo National Park in Chad

Parcs de Noé is a program of the NGO Noé, which is a non-profit public nature protection organisation created in 2001. Noé has programs in France and around the globe to safeguard biodiversity for the benefit of all living, including the human species.